Vrijmoed, K. D. Hyde & E. B. G. Jones, Mycological Research 98: 699 (1994).


Sordariomycetes, Subclass Sordariomycetidae






Diaporthe Nitschke, Pyrenomyc. Germ. 2: 240 (1870)

Marine species of Diaporthe:

Diaporthe salsuginosa Vrijmoed, K. D. Hyde & E. B. G. Jones, Mycological Research 98: 699 (1994).

Index Fungorum Number: 362640                       Faces of Fungi Number: NA

Sexual morph, Ascomata single or clustered, but enclosed within a wide spreading blackened zone in the wood, both above the ascomata (dorsal zone) and below (ventral zone). Ascomata up to 270 μm high, 325-455 μm diam. Immersed, brown or black, commonly in small groups, coriaceous, with short ostioles piercing the host surface singly, in crater-like, darkened depressions on the wood surface. irregular brown fungal hyphae. Ostiole up to 300 μm high and 140 μm diam., mostly immersed with short portion projecting above host surface, brown with periphyses. Peridium up to 40 μm wide composed of brown thin-walled cells of textura angularis at the outside and pallide elongate cells inwardly. The basal cells are hyaline. Paraphyses hypha-like, filiform, 14 μm wide at the base, tapering distally, septate and hyaline. Asci 46-63 x 6-8 μm, 8-spored, cylindrical, thin-walled, unitunicate, shaft pedunculate, apically flattened with an iodine negative subapical ring, developing in the hymenium at the base of the ascomata. Ascospores 10--13 x 3-4 μm, 1-2 seriate, fusoid, 2-celled, not constricted at the septum, smooth-walled, hyaline, with a small mucilaginous pad at each end which swells in water and attaches the spore to the glass slide. Asexual morph.: Undetermined. 


Type & Location:
Other Specimens:
saprobic on intertidal mangrove wood.
South China Sea (Macau), only known from the type location.
Pertinent Literature:
NOTES: There is only one marine species, Diaporthe salsuginosa found on mangrove wood from Macau, China (Vrijmoed et al. 1994, Jones et al. 2015), differs from other Diaporthe species in its morphology. An unusual feature of the species is the 1-septate ascospores that are not constricted at the septum, hyaline, smooth walled, with a mucilaginous pad at each pole which swells in water. Another species in this complex has been described as an asexual morph: Phomoposis mangrovei (Hyde 1991) and needs to be recollected and sequenced to determine if it is the asexual stage of a known Diaporthe species.


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