E.B.G. Jones & Agerer, 1992. Bot. Mar., 35: 259.


Agaricomycetes, Subclass Agaricomycetidae






Type species:

Calathella ellisii Agerer, Mitteilungen aus der Botanischen Staatssammlung München 19: 198 (1983)

Marine species:

Calathella mangrovei E.B.G. Jones & Agerer, 1992. Bot. Mar., 35: 259.

Sexual morph: saprobic, Basidiomes: cyphelloid, 500-2520 µm high, 300-1080 µm in diameter at the apex, 243-450 µm in diameter in the stalk region, 720-810 µm in the mid region, turbinate to club-shaped, tube-shaped, becoming horn-like in shape, pedunculate, superficial on the wood, yellowish with a reddish colouring, old basidiomes ochre-yellow, leathery, tomentose, solitary or gregarious. Mycelium: with clamp connections. Cup wall surface hairs 60-520 X 203 µm forming a ring at the top around the opening of the basidiome, simple, brownish, non-septate, dextrinoid, round and minutely encrusted. Hymenium: lining the inner walls of the basidiome. Basidia: 60-80 x 5-8.5 µm, suburniform, sometimes cylindrical, tapering with a long tail, non-septate, hyaline, with 4 sterigmata, 4 µm long. Basidiospores: 8-12 x 6-10 µm, one-celled, smooth, hyaline, elliptical and accumulating at maturity at the tip of the basidiomes. Asexual morph. Undetermined (Description: Based on Jones & Agerer (1992)).


Key references:

Borse BD (2000) Marine fungi from Maharashtra (India). V. A checklist. J. Phytol. Res. 13: 123-128.

Borse BD, Bhat DJ, Borse KN, Tuwas AR, Pawar NS (2012) Marine Fungi of India. Broadway Book Centre, India. 

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Type & Location:
Other Specimens:
saprobic on dead mangrove wood.
Brunei, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand.
Pertinent Literature:
NOTES: Calathella mangrovei is known from only a few tropical locations occurring often on newly felled mangrove twigs and branches. It is particularly common Bruguiera cylindrica species in Malaysian mangroves. Borse (2000), Borse et al. (2012) and Prasannarai & Sridhar (2001) have collected many times in India (West Coast Maharashtra on Rhizophora mucronata, and Karnataka in intertidal wood, respectively). Further collections are required to isolate and sequence this species and confirm its placement in the genus Calathella. Accepted by Schmit & Shearer (2003), and Jones et al. (2015). A second Calathella species was collected in Malaysia, but there was insufficient material for a formal description.


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