(Boyd) Rämä et Baral


Leotiomycetes, Subclass Leotiomycetidae






Type species:

Calycina herbarum (Pers.) Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 670 (1821)

Marine species:

Calycina marina (Boyd) Rämä et Baral,

Orbilia marina Boyd, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 3(2): 113 (1909)

= Laetinaevia marina (Boyd) Spooner, in Kirk & Spooner, Kew Bull. 38(4): 568 (1984)

= Orbilia marina W. Phillips, in Elliott et al., Nat. Hist. Clyde Area, Brit. Assoc. Handb.: 69 (1901)

Sexual morph: Apothecia 0.25–0.65 mm diam., 0.13–0.16 mm thick (receptacle 0.09–0.11 mm), pulvinate, slightly to strongly translucent, round, slightly gelatinous, scattered or often subgregarious to gregarious; disc whitish cream, light to bright yellowish-orange-ochraceous, or pale to dark greyish-brownish-alutaceous, flat at first, soon slightly to strongly convex, margin eventually indistinct, not protruding, smooth; sessile, erumpent from beneath cortex of thallus; dry flat to medium convex, ± concolorous. Asci (50–)58–87(–96) × (6.5–)7–8.5(–9.7) μm, (4–)8-spored, spores obliquely biseriate, living mature asci protruding up to 15–20 μm beyond,  apical ring  staining medium to strongly dirty blue in IKI, small apical chamber, Ascospores 1-septate, (7–)8– 13(–15) × (2.8–)3.3–4(–4.5) μm, subcylindrical to subfusoid or ellipsoid, straight to slightly inequilateral; containing ~1–3 lipid bodies 0.3–0.5(–1) μm diam. in each half or near the ends.  Paraphyses apically slightly to rather strongly clavate-capitate, rarely ellipsoid-fusoid or moniliform-lageniform, hyaline; covered by a very faintly refractive, thick, hyaline gel staining deep lilac in CRB. Asexual morph: Undetermined. (Description based on Baral and Rämäa (2015)).


Key references:

Baral HO, Rämäa T (2015). Morphological update on Calycina marina (Pezizellaceae, Helotiales, Leotiomycetes), a new combination for Laetinaevia marina. Botanica Marina 2015; 58(6): 523–534.

Eriksson O (1973). Orbilia marina, an over-looked Discomycete on of Fucales. Svensk Bot. Tidskr. 67: 208–210.

Kirk P. Spooner B (1984). An account of the fungi of Arran, Gigha and Kintyre. Kew Bull. 38: 503–597.

Smith, A.L. 1909. New or rare microfungi. Trans. Br. Mycol Soc. 3: 111–124.

Type & Location:
Other Specimens:
on cast seaweed, especially Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus serratus.
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK.
Pertinent Literature:
NOTES: Calycina marina is frequently collected on cast brown seaweeds in Scandinavia and the UK (Smith 1908, Eriksson 19734, Kirk & Spooner 1984), so its marine origin is sometimes questioned. Originally described as Orbilia marina it was subsequently transferred to the genus Laetinaevia by Kirk & Spooner (1984). Baral and Rämäa (2015) transferred the species to Calycina mainly based on the molecular data.


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