K.D. Hyde & B. Sutton, Mycological Research 96: 211 (1992)


Ascomycete incertae sedis


incertae sedis


incertae sedis


Plectophomella Moesz, Magyar Botanikai Lapok 21: 13 (1922)

Type species:

Plectophomella visci Moesz, Magyar Botanikai Lapok 21: 12 (1922)

Marine species:

Plectophomella nypae K.D. Hyde & B. Sutton, Mycological Research 96: 211 (1992)

Index Fungorum Number: 358904               Faceoffungi Number: N/A

Saprobic on the intertidal palm Nypa fruticans, Asexual morph:  Conidiomata 30-100 µm high, up to 360 µm diam., eustromatic, subepidermal and immersed, separate or aggregated, scattered, depressed, multilocular or convoluted and divided irregularly, interlocular tissue hyaline, wall composed of thin-walled compressed cells, ostiolate, with a blackened area of small cells around the ostiole. Conidiophores hyaline, smooth, short, 1-septate, 4-8 µm high, 1.6-3.2 µm wide, formed from the hyaline inner cells of the conidiomatal and locular walls. Conidiogenous cells 'phialidic', determinate, ampulliform, hyaline, smooth, collarette, periclinal thickening and channel minute. Conidia holoblastic, hyaline, aseptate, smooth, with a minute guttule at each end, cylindrical, 3-4.5 x 1.2-1.6 µm, produced in white masses which exude onto the surface of the substratum. Sexual morph: Undetermined.

Description taken from Hyde & Sutton (1992)


Key references:

Hyde KD, Sutton BC (1992). Nypaella frondicola gen. et sp. nov., Plectophomella nypae sp. nov. and Pleurophomopsis nypae sp. nov. (Coelomycetes) from intertidal fronds of Nypa fruticans. Mycological Research. 96: 210 –214.

Jones EBG, Suetrong S, Sakayaroj J, Bahkali AH, Abdel-Wahab MA, Boekhout T, Pang KL (2015). Classification of marine Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, Blastocladiomycota and Chytridiomycota. Fungal Diversity 73: 1–72.

Redfern DB, & Sutton B C (1981). Canker and dieback of Ulmus glabra caused by Plectophomella concentrica, and its relationship to P. ulmi. Transactions of the British Mycological Society 77, 381–390.

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Wijayawardene NN, Hyde KD, Rajeshkumar KC, Hawksworth DL, Madrid H et al. (2017). Notes for genera: Ascomycota. Fungal Diversity 86: 1–594.

Type & Location:
Other Specimens:
On basal part of the brackish water palm Nypa fruticans.
Pertinent Literature:
Description taken from Hyde & Sutton (1992)
NOTES: Four species are known in the genus Plectophomella, the type species P. visci, and P. ulmi and P. concentrica (Redfern & Sutton, 1981, Sutton, 1980). P. nypae differs from P. visci which has slightly wider conidia. It is separated from the species on Ulmus by its host (Nypa), in its marine (brackish water) habitat, in the conidiomatal locules not being so numerous or divided and in the conidiophores being consistently short and only 1-septate. Cultures and sequences are unavailable for this species (indeed the other species as well), and new collections are required to resolve its higher taxonomic position. Genus accepted by Wijayawardene et al. (2017) and as a marine species by Jones et al. (2015).


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