Abdel-Wahab, Bahkali & E.B.G. Jones, Fungal Diversity 78: 65 (2016)


Dothideomycetes, Subclass Pleosporomycetidae




incertae sedis


Farasanispora Abdel-Wahab, Bahkali & E.B.G. Jones, Fungal Diversity 78: 63 (2016)

Type and marine species:

Farasanispora avicenniae Abdel-Wahab, Bahkali & E.B.G. Jones, Fungal Diversity 78: 65 (2016)

Index Fungorum number: 551713                          Faceoffungi number: N/A

Saprobic on submerged intertidal mangrove wood. Sexual morph Ascomata180–270μm in diam., globose to subglobose, immersed to erumpent, ostiolate, solitary, coriaceous, dark brown to black. Peridium 25–35μm thick at the upper part, two-layered, forming textura angularis; outer layer 10–15μm comprising polygonal, brown to dark-brown thick-walled cells; inner layer 12–15μm wide, comprising hyaline thin-walled flattened cells; peridium at the lower part of the ascomata is one-layered, hyaline to light brown comprising of 10–15μm diam. polygonal flattened cells. Hamathecium comprising numerous, 1.5–3μm wide, septate, trabeculate pseudoparaphses, branched, within a gelatinous matrix, anastomosing above the asci and emerging through the ostiolar canal. Asci 115–162×23–34μm (x =37.2×29.3μm, n=25), 8-spored, bitunicate, fissitunicate, clavate, short pedicellate, apically rounded, with an ocular chamber. Ascospores 30–39× 9–13μm (x = 34.9 × 11.4μm, n=60), overlapping biseriate, hyaline, 1–septate, the septum is sub-median, upper cell longer and wider, slightly curved, guttulate; senescent ascospores are larger 38 43×11–14μm (x = 40.5 × 12.5 μm, n = 15), light brown, flattened, striate, verrculose, 2–3-septate. Asexual morph Undetermined.

Description based on Abdel-Wahab et al., In Li et al. (2016).

Culture characteristics: Colonies on PDA reaching a 25–30 mm radius after 22 days at 25 °C, with white to grey aerial and immersed mycelium, from below brown.


Key references:

Suetrong S, Schoch CL, Spatafora JW, Kohlmeyer J. Volkmann-Kohlmeyer B, Sakayaroj J, Phongpaichit S, Tanaka K, Hirayama K, Jones EBG (2009). Molecular systematics of the marine Dothideomycetes. Studies in Mycology. 64:145–154.

Li GJ, Hyde HD, Zhao RL et al. (2016). Fungal diversity notes 253–366: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxa. Fungal Diversity. 78:1–237.

Type & Location:
Other Specimens:
Saprobic on decayed wood of Avicennia marina at a mangrove stand.
Saudi Arabia.
Pertinent Literature:
Description based on Abdel-Wahab et al., In Li et al. (2016).
NOTES: A new genus and species from the mangroves around the coast of Saudi Arabia. Farasanispora avicenniae has similarities in ascospore dimensions to Halomassarina thalassiae but differ in that the latter species has a prominent and larger gelatinous sheath (Sueterong et al. 2009). Phylogenetically H. thalassiae and F. avicenniae are distantly related, where the latter formed a basal clade to the families Morosphaeriaceae and Trematosphaeriaceae and its phylogenetic placement is not well-resolved. It was therefore assigned to the Pleosporales incertae sedis (Li et al. 2016).


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