K.D. Hyde & Alias, Mycological Research 103 (11): 1419 (1999)


Leotiomycetes, Subclass Leotiomycetidae






Vibrissea Fr., Systema Mycologicum 2: 31 (1822)

Type species:

Vibrissea truncorum (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr., Systema Mycologicum 2: 31 (1822)

Marine species:

Vibrissea nypicola K.D. Hyde & Alias, Mycological Research 103 (11): 1419 (1999) 

Index Fungorum Number: 460787                         Faces of fungi Number: N/A

Saprobic, sexual morph: Apothecia 200-300 µm diam., 168-184 µm high, superfcial, reddish brown, scattered, sessile, discoid. Disc circular, concave at first, becoming flat, reddish brown, margin undulate. Receptacle surface light brown and smooth. Ectal excipulum 25-40 µm thick, comprising an outer stratum of hyaline, thick-walled, globular cells, light brown only at the outside, and an inner stratum of hyaline scleroplectenchyma. Medullary excipulum 80-144 µm, composed of hyaline textura intricata. Paraphyses 2-5 x 3 µm wide, filiform, septate, apically branching, swollen at the apex, some with brown naviculate swellings, others with smaller rounded brown swellings, of similar length to the asci. Asci 100-112 x 6.5-9.75 µm, 8-spored, cylindrical, pedicellate, apically rounded, apex surrounded by copious amounts of very pale reddish-brown mucilage, staining blue in Melzer's reagent. Ascospores 75-90¬1 x 1.25 µm, fasciculate, filiform, unicellular, hyaline, rounded at the ends, with inconspicuous mucilage. Asexual morph: Undetermined.

Description based on Hyde et al. (1999).


Key references:

Hyde KD, Goh TK, Lu BS, Alias SA (1999). Eleven new intertidal fungi from Nypa fruticans. Mycological Research. 103(11): 1409–1422.

Loilong A, Salayaroj J, Ringjindamain, Choeyklin R, Jones EBG (2012). Biodiversity of fungi on the palm Nypa fruticans. In: Marine and fungal–like organisms.  (eds EBG Jones, KL Pang), De Gruyter, Germany, pp. 273–290.

Type & Location:
Other Specimens:
On intertidal petiole base of Nypa fruticans.
Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand.
Pertinent Literature:
Description based on Hyde et al. (1999).
NOTES: Circa 50 Vibrissea species have been described from terrestrial and freshwater habitats, but V. nypicola is the only one reported from the marine environment. There are few records of V. nypicola although Loilong et al. (2012) recorded it at four mangrove sites in Thailand, all on N. fruticans. Perhaps this species prefers the more brackish conditions of mangroves. This species needs to be recollected, isolated and sequenced as no phylogenetic studies have been undertaken.


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