Dayarathne, Jones E.B.G. & K.D. Hyde, (2017)








Jattaea Berl., Icones Fungorum. Pyrenomycetes. Sphaeriaceae. Allantosporae 3: 6 (1900)

Type species:

Jattaea algeriensis Berl., Icones Fungorum. Pyrenomycetes. Sphaeriaceae. Allantosporae 3: 7 (1900)

Marine species:

Jattaea bruguierae Dayarathne, Jones E.B.G. & K.D. Hyde, (2017)

Index Fungorum number: N/A                     Faceoffungi number: N/A

Saprobic on fallen decaying twigs of Bruguiera cylindrica. Asexual morph: Mycelium composed of vegetative hyphae, on half-strength seawater MEA, hyaline, 2.5–3.5 μm wide, septate, branched, smooth, partly compacted to form hyphal strands. Conidiophores hyaline, simple or branched, elongated, erect or flexuous, up to 45 μm long, sometimes ending with sterile cells. Conidiogenous cells enteroblastic, phialidic with periclinical wall thickening, discrete or adelophialides, with discrete phialides subcylindrical to elongate-ampulliform and constricted base, single or in conidiophores,10–40 × 1–3 μm; adelophialides cylindrical, 2.5–8 × 1.5–3 μm; collarettes distinct,1–2.5 μm long, 1.5–2 μm wide, with 1.5 μm wide opening. Conidia 3.5–4.5 × 2.0–3.0 μm (x̅ = 4 × 2.5 μm, n = 20), hyaline, aseptate, cylindrical with a tapered and truncate base, smooth-wall sometimes held together in droplets. Sexual morph: Undetermined.

Description based on Dayarthne et al. (2017).


Key references:

Abdel–Wahab MA, Dayarathne MC, Suetrong S, Guo SY, Alias SA, Bahkali AH, Nagahama T, Elgorban AM, Abdel–Aziz FA, Hodhod MS, Al–Hebshi MO, Hyde KD, Nor NABM, Pang* KLand Jones EBG (2017). New saprobic marine fungi and a new combination. Botanica Marina 60: 469–488. DOI 10.1515/bot–2016–0118.

Dayarathne MC, Abeywickrama P, Jones EBG, Bhat DJ, Chomnunti P, Hyde KD (2017). Multi–gene phylogeny of Jattaea bruguierae, a novel asexual morph from Bruguiera cylindrica. Studies in Fungi 2 (1): 235–245. Doi 10.5943/sif/ 2/1/27.

Réblová M, Jaklitsch WM, Réblová K, Štěpánek V (2015). Phylogenetic reconstruction of the Calosphaeriales and Togniniales using five genes and predicted RNA secondary structures of ITS, and Flabellascus tenuirostris gen. et sp. nov. Plos One 10(12), e0144616.


Key to marine species of Jattaea species:

  1. Sexual morph on Rhisphora mucronata, ascospores 5–6 x 1.5–2.0 μm                                   J. mucronata


  1. Asexual morph on Bruguiera cylindrica, conidia 3.5–4.5 × 2.0–3.0 μm                                  J. ruguierae
Type & Location:
Other Specimens:
On fallen decaying twig of Bruguiera cylindrica.
Pertinent Literature:
Description based on Dayarthne et al. (2017).
NOTES: Jattae is predominantly a terrestrial asexual genus with some 28 species, of which two are known from marine habitats J. bruguierae and J. mucronata (Dayarathne et al. 2017, Abdel–Wahab et al. Bot. Mar. 2017). Réblová et al. (2015), based on combined LSU, SSU, ITS, RPB2 and β–tubulin genes, places the genus Jattaea in the Calosphaeriales. Jattaea mucronata, introduced in Abdel–Wahab et al. (2017), is the first documentation of a sexual morph of Jattaea and associated with a marine habitat, while J. bruguierae is the first record of an asexual morph from mangroves.


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